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Keeping Safe this Flu Season

Catching a cold or the flu is something which can be a pain for anyone at any age. Even the healthiest of adults can be hugely impacted by getting the flu. But for older adults…

Level 2 Seated Exercise Leader Training

On the 14/12/18 ActivCare Coaching hosted a Level 2 Seated Exercise Training course at Nouveau HQ in Billingham. Our fully accredited Level 2 Seated Exercise Leader course is designed specifically for professionals wanting to help…

Tackling Loneliness

We all feel lonely at times but often enough it is simply a passing thought or emotion. Yet for older individuals these thoughts can become a daily occurrence. Loneliness can hold a great impact on…

Finding Happiness through Dance

Dance plays an important part in all cultures across the world and it has held a significant role in society for thousands of years. But what is it about dance that make us happy? There…

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