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At ActivCare Coaching we equip professionals and carers working with vulnerable older adults, to effectively improve the wellbeing of people within their care, through increased physical activity.

Through our ongoing research and development we are able to ensure our services:
– are industry leading
– promote best practice
– support new legislation
– offer exciting new teaching tools and techniques

At ActivCare Coaching we are passionate about increasing physical activity to improve the wellbeing of older adults. We do this through training, support and virtual classes for organisations and individuals.

“There is strong evidence regular physical activity can help reverse some age related decline in physical and psychological function and help maintain independent living and mobility” Care Inspectorate

The benefits of Physical Activity for older adults include:
- Helps to maintain cognitive function
- Reduces the risk of falls
- Improves quality of sleep
- Lower levels of anxiety and depression
- Helps reduce obesity levels
- Preserves independence and mobility
- Reduces the risk of Diabetes
- Reduces the risk of Heart Disease
- Helps prevent pressure sores
- Helps prevent swelling of the legs
- Improves mood and self-esteem
- Helps prevent DVT
- Helps increase life expectancy

The ActivCare Coaching team has over a decade worth of experience in improving the wellbeing of older adults through fun and effective physical activity. We have significant evidence demonstrating the impact of our work to the lives of participants. We offer training and support via three key areas:

- Training for Organisations
Our training and support enables staff and volunteers to deliver high quality physical activity sessions and improve the wellbeing of participants. We help organisations who want to make an impact to the wellbeing of adults in their care, and are trying to deliver high standards under tough commercial pressures. We support and nurture our learners throughout the training process with the skills and knowledge to make a difference to participants wellbeing and become accredited ActivCare Coaches.

- Training for Carers
When caring for someone it is equally important that you take care of your own health and wellbeing, as well as the person in your care. Regular participation in exercise has a multitude of benefits from reducing stress and anxiety to improving quality of sleep: ActivCare Coaching enables carers to begin participating in simple yet effective exercises at home with the person in their care.

- ActivCare Coaching License
By signing up to the ActivCare Coaching licensed programme, members gain access to ongoing training, specialist support, marketing materials, virtual classes, digital resources and impact reports.

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