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ActivCare Coaching offers training support and unique resources to enable carers, professionals and volunteers to get the people in their care active through dance and physical activity, resulting in improved wellbeing.

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Training Support for Organisations

Our training supports organisations who strive to deliver high standards under tough commercial pressures. We aim to increase job satisfaction by training professionals to improve the participant’s wellbeing, and support and nurture them throughout the training process.

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Training Support for Carers

Through training support we assist carers to participate in regular physical activity, together with the person in their care, resulting in a range of health and wellbeing benefits.

Learn from Industry Experts

We have have a decade’s worth of experience improving the wellbeing of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Working with professional partners we continue to develop innovative approaches to improving wellbeing.

Access Bespoke Resouces

Our range of unique resources enable high quality, fun and engaging physical activity sessions every time!

Monitor & Report Progress

We enable you to monitor and report your progress easily and efficiently.